What to Do After a Facial: Facial Encyclopedia Part 4

Ever wonder what to tip for a facial or what to do after a facial? The answer to those questions depends on what kind of facial you received, and what your biggest skin concerns are. In the final part of the Facial Encyclopedia series, we’re giving you easy-to-remember guidelines to follow after receiving a professional facial.

What to do after a facial?
A facial’s results are only as good as how you maintain them – or how you take care of your skin at-home. And that’s completely in your hands:

1) Follow your beauty therapist’s recommendations
Regardless of what type of facial you received, your beauty therapist should put together a specific at-home care agenda for you – so make sure you follow it. These directions are based on your skin concerns, your skin type, and any special instructions needed with the specific type of facial you’ve received. They will help continue and maximize the results you achieved during your facial.
To ensure you get the best care possible, make sure to give your beauty therapist as much information as you can about your skin, lifestyle, and expectations. A good beauty therapist will work with you to help you achieve the skin you’ve always wanted.

2) Wear broad spectrum SPF
Since any pro facial is stimulating and detoxifying, you want to make sure to use sunscreen to protect the fresh skin revealed after the facial. If you spend time in the sun without a good sunscreen you’ll get sun damage, which can negate the positive effects of the facial.

3) Skip the gym
Heading out to exercise after a facial? You should avoid hitting the gym after your facial for about 24 hours, because you might over stimulate the skin due to sweating and increased circulation.

4) Wait to exfoliate
You’ll also want to give your skin a break from exfoliation for 48 hours. This is because your skin experiences a professional level of exfoliation during your spa facial and you don’t want to over exfoliate.

5) Use a light touch
When you do exfoliate or even cleanse the skin next, make sure to not scrub too hard. Always be gentle to your skin, especially after a facial. You can wear makeup after a facial, but your skin will be more sensitive so stick to makeup that isn’t perfumed and doesn’t have ingredients that would clog pores or lead to breakouts.

Why is she trying to sell me products?
It’s an beauty therapist’s responsibility to professionally recommend the products you need to give you the results you want. Your beauty therapist is a qualified skin professional with expert knowledge in what is best for your skin. When you listen to her recommendations, you’re doing your skin a huge favor. Good beauty therapists aren’t just trying to sell you products; they’re trying to help you get the skin you want!

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