what the spring equinox means for your wellbeing

You can feel it in the air. It’s the time of year when winter starts to fade away. Where the days feel a little warmer, and light shines brighter and lasts longer. Where nature that was resting throughout the colder months starts to bloom again – and in many ways, we humans begin to do the same.

While the entire season of spring is a refreshing and revitalising time of the year, there’s a particular day in each calendar that symbolises that renewal more than any other – the spring equinox. It’s an invitation to connect with yourself and with the natural world. And an abundant opportunity to boost your overall wellness as we move towards the rest of the year.

what is the spring equinox?

An equinox occurs twice a year, as the sun crosses the celestial equator. When this happens, there is an equal amount of day and night – shadow and light in perfect balance. The autumn equinox marks the beginning of shorter days and colder weather, while the spring equinox does the opposite. This equinox is also known as the vernal equinox, which means ‘new’ or ‘fresh’- and certainly sets the tone for the time within which it takes place.

The dates change every year, but in 2024, the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere is on March 19 at 8:06 pm PDT. From that time onwards, the days will gradually get longer and brighter as we move towards the summer solstice, which is the longest day in the calendar year.

what does the spring equinox symbolise?

Much like the season itself, the spring equinox is a time of new life, renewal and rebirth. It’s an invitation from the universe to start anew – to follow the example of the natural world and bloom in ways you might not have felt inspired or energised to do so previously. It’s a time of joy and excitement for all that might be possible. A new dawn for positive intentions.

Given the changing of the seasons to warmer weather and lighter days, the spring equinox also symbolises a time of connecting with nature and the outdoors. Of planting seeds, harvesting natural ingredients and being mindful of the earth around you. If it’s been too cold before the equinox to spend some time in your natural surroundings, the spring equinox presents the perfect first step back into the outside world.

how can the spring equinox lift our mood and boost our wellbeing?

Emotional and spiritual well-being is just as important as our physical well-being for holistic wellness – and few dates in the calendar year are as rich with opportunities to boost your emotional well-being as the spring equinox. Given its symbolism for rebirth and renewal, you can tap into the energy of this time of year to start afresh. That feeling of a lighter load and lifted spirits can really boost how we feel. A new chapter – even if it’s a symbolic one – can improve your well-being.

Beyond this, the gradual lightening of the day and the warming of the weather can do wonders for our mood as well. It’s no secret that time spent outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air offers an abundance of physical benefits – as well as mental and emotional ones. 

how can I embrace the spring equinox?

There are all kinds of rituals you can take part in to seize the opportunities that the spring equinox unearths – and ultimately boost your mood and wellbeing too.

Since this is a time of renewal and cleansing, the lighting of a smudge stick for an intention ceremony is an excellent place to start. Whether you’re in your own home or out in nature, lighting a smudge stick to remove negative energy that might have accumulated during the darker, colder months can send a clear message. While lighting your smudge stick try repeating this affirmation to further embrace the seasonal change and connect to your spiritual well-being –  ‘I am replenished and ready for this next season’. 

It’s also a great time of year to engage with the natural ingredients the earth offers us. Discover delicious recipes that make the most of these ingredients, so you can nourish your body and feel your best as you revitalise your spirit.

The spring equinox is an invitation from the universe to turn over a new leaf – and to enrich your wellness in all kinds of ways, so you’re thriving alongside the world around you.

As you prepare for March 19, take a moment to reflect on your wellness and how it affects your well-being.

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