What is a peel?

The word “peel” sounds pretty harsh but worry not, this can actually be very gentle when carried out correctly.

So what is a peel and why should you get one?

Peels are treatments that give dramatic results to the skin.

The way they work is by removing the very top layer of skin. The Stratum Corneum. This is the layer of skin that can give you a dull look and rough feel when built up and not removed. By removing this layer other products can penetrate better enabling them to do their job.

Why is this different to manual exfoliation?

When you exfoliate manually you will remove the same layer but one downfall can be that you miss areas and this can also be irritating to some skins.

Liquid or chemical exfoliation with a peel is even, can be gentler and also penetrates into the pores to work deeper and unblock them.

What types of peels are there and what peel is right for me?

There are different types of peels ranging from the strength to the type depending on what your concerns are and what needs to be treated.

There are 2 main types of peels available and within these peels are also varied strengths which your therapist will decide what strength would be best for you.

Usually you will start on a lower strength so to determine your skins reaction and sensitivity, building up to stronger strengths through a course of treatments.

*A sensitive skin may not be suitable for ANY peel. A consultation and patch test are advised*

Lactic Acid: This is derived from Milk: This is known to be a gentler chemical exfoliator that also increases hydration. Great for dryer skins, aging skin by increasing collagen production, fine lines and blocked pores. This will also increase the blood circulation making the skin a little red. This is a desired result feeding the skin with nutrients and oxygen.

Glycolic Acid: This is derived from Sugar Cane. This is great for oily and congested skins with its antibacterial action, also great for pigmented skin lightening and brightening. This will feel very tingly and often there is less redness than the Lactic Acid Peel. Great if you have to go back to work or out after!


How often can I have a peel?

Peels may be carried out weekly for a course of time. Again this is best discussed with your therapist as theres no hard and fast “rules”. Every skin is different, don’t be afraid to ask about long term results and courses available.

Your skin cells renew every 4 weeks (28 days) with this diminishing as you get older. So Facials should be performed within a minimum of every 28 days to keep a beautiful maintained skin.

As men have a naturally thicker skin than women, peels are a great facial for men and can be as quick as 30 minutes.

With all peels sunscreen MUST be applied and used after to protect the skin.

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