The Facialist Series: Paula from Takapuna

We are excited to be speaking with Paula from Takapuna as part 2 of The Facialist Series this week. Paula has an abundance of knowledge and has been in the industry 13 years!

1) How long have you been working in the beauty industry?
13 years

2) What do you love about beauty?
I love making people feel good! It doesn’t matter what the treatment, if I can make someone’s day better then I have had a great day!

3) What is a common misconception about skin and facials?
Everyone thinks that their skin is horrible and that they will break out from a facial. This is simply not true. We are here to help and we never judge. There are so many different facials to choose from at Forme Spa that we can give you just the right treatment to suit your concerns exactly – and we will always do a thorough skin consultation to find out what your expectations are and how you would like us to help.

4) What do you love about facials?
They are soooo relaxing and at the same time give you amazing results that make you feel better whenever you look in the mirror. There’s nothing quite like a good facial massage to ease away the stress of the day and make you feel instantly destressed (not to mention younger!)

5) What is the most important thing you can do for your skin?
HYDRATE – not only does this help maintain our skins luminosity, it is also extremely beneficial for absorption of products, plumping and to give clear skin.

6) What would you tell your 21 year old self about skin care?
Starting a good regime is never too early. NEVER go to bed with your make up on!!

7) What is your daily skin ritual?
I like to keep things fairly simple as I am super busy when i’m not at work. I do have a tendency to redness as well so I like to not over stimulate my skin.

In the morning, I give my skin a water cleanse, then WITHOUT drying my skin – Tone, Vitamin C Serum, eye cream and moisturise. Then of course my spf. At night i give my skin a double cleanse, then WITHOUT drying my skin – Tone, Vitamin A and B serums followed with an eye cream and night cream. I exfoliate in the shower once a week.

8) What is your favourite product?
That is such a hard question! I cant give you 1 but ill give you my top 2!
Cleanser – Sensitive Skin Cleanser is amazing! A light, gentle cleanser that converts to a milk when emulsified with water – it gently cleanses without stripping my skin and leaves it feeling plump and fresh (it can also be used to remove eye make-up so it saves time – another bonus!)
I also cant live without a good serum – Synergie Vitamin A,B and C are my 3 must haves for anti-aging, hydration and maintaining healthy skin.

9) What is your favourite facial treatment at Forme and why?
Both of the Vitamin C facials are amazing!! The Babor Ultimate Vitamin C facial is incredible for and absolute pamper session. It is extremely luxurious and contains a lot of massage. The Synergie Suprema-C Facial is a lovely relaxing facial and has the additional benefits of an alginate mask and Sonophoresis, both of which infuses products deeper into the skin for maximum benefits. Because these facials are supercharged with 20% Vitamin C, they give instant brightening benefits as well as being extremely anti aging.

10) What are 3 benefits of adding facial treatments to your regime?
Increase facial muscle tone and detoxification through facial massage, Increasing cellular turnover with varying types of treatments, and the most important – taking some much needed time out for yourself. With this world being so busy and everyone is so ‘in demand’ there is nothing nicer then switching your phone off, getting into a nice warm be and being pampered for an hour – the rest of the world can wait!

Thanks so much Paula.

Stay tuned for next week’s expert advice from our one of our own Facial therapists.

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