The Facialist Series: Morgan from Wellington

This is our 5th and final instalment of our Facialist series. We hope you loved learning about the tips and tricks of our in house experts. Stay tuned for the next series. This week we are excited to be speaking to Morgan, Manager of our Wellington Spa.

1) How long have you been working in the beauty industry?
I’ve been working in the beauty industry for 4-5 years
2) What do you love about working in the beauty industry?
I love that there are so many areas of beauty therapy and you are always working with people helping them feel and look there best.
3) What is a common misconception about facials?
A common misconception that I have come across is that your skin isn’t affected with your diet. A lot of skin conditions are linked to diet and certain foods aggravate and worsen the conditions.
4) What do you love about facials?
I love everything about facials but seeing how happy your guests are when they leave or the progress they have made with their skin is by far the best feeling about being a beauty therapist.
5) What is the most important you can do for your skin?
The most important thing you can do for your skin is to look after it. Making sure you keep it hydrated and wear an spf daily.
6) What would you tell your 21 year old self?
I would tell myself the importance of wearing a sunscreen and to make sure I wore it daily.
7) What is your daily skin ritual?
My daily skin ritual is:
Dr Babor Ultimate Repair Cleanser in the morning followed by Dr Babor Vitamin C Serum, Dual Eye Solution and Absolute Moisture. And then I set my makeup with the Coola Makeup Setting spray. Then at night I double cleanse with Flash Foam and then apply the Dr Babor A16 serum, Dual Eye solution and Absolute Moisture.
8) What is your favourite product?
My favourite product is the Synergie Vitamin C Serum
9) What is your favourite facial?
My favourite facial treatment is the Intraceuticals treatment. These treatments have such amazing and instant results. It is an incredible treatment to have before a big event or if your skin is feeling dull and tired in need of a extra attention. I love to pair it with a lactic peel for better results.
10) What are the benefits of adding facials into your life?
By adding facial treatments to your regime it allows you to focus on different areas and treat concerns that you may not be able to do yourself at home, it gives you some me time and forces you to take time out of your day and just focus on yourself and to relax, it also allows you to see how far you have come with your skin. It allows time to see where you want your skin to look, check with an expert over your routine and make sure that what you are doing at home is working for you. It allows you to make any changes, add and remove steps and feel empowered on your skin journey.

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