The 5 Types of Spa-Goer – which one are you?

The Regular

Instantly recognisable: Because she knows all the staff by name, and has done for years. She’s Facebook friends with her preferred therapists and follows the team on Instagram too.
Fave treatment: Anything on her long-running Relax or Revitalize memberships. She buys gift vouchers for friends at a fast and furious rate too!
Booking MO: Has her scheduled treatments though to 2024 – you can never be too organised when it comes to Me Time.
Catchphrase: “See you next Friday!”


The Sampler

Instantly recognisable: She’s actually a bit incognito because she’s always popping up at a different spa. Prefers not to be bound by just one treatment – she’d have FOMO if she didn’t try everything on the menu at least once.

Fave treatment: Loves anything limited-edition – as soon as the leaves start to fall, she’s booking her Autumn Restorer. She’s never met a Facial Upgrade she didn’t like!

Booking MO: Calls the spa for a chat and to get the inside track on new treatment recommendations.

Catchphrase: “What’s the latest and greatest?

The Last-Minuter

Instantly recognisable: By her flustered state and dire need for TLC. She’s always regretting not rebooking at the last appointment.

Fave treatment: Whatever’s available, she’ll take it!

Booking MO: Online booking the night before or going on the cancellation waitlist – and praying.

Catchphrase: “Pretty please – can you squeeze me in?”

The Newly Addicted

Instantly recognisable: By her TikTok videos/Insta Stories touting the benefits of spa time and how it’s changed her life.

Fave treatmentL The longer the better! The Pamper Me package has got her name all over it.

Booking MO: Love to hop on the Live Chat and get her next appointment sorted.

Catchphrase: “I don’t know why I didn’t start doing this years ago!”

The Savorer

Instantly recognisable: Because she always arrives 30 minutes early just to revel in the spa atmosphere. She often books a couples treatment or brings a friend, for the ultimate experience.

Fave treatment: Whether it’s a facial or massage, she loves to extend every treatment with an Add-On. Her feet tingle at the mere mention of Keratin Socks!

Booking MO: Always chooses a weekend appointment so she has maximum time to prolong the bliss.

Catchphrase: “I could live here!” or “Let’s have a spa day together”

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