Create your self-care menu.

What are the little things that fill you up and give you an extra boost in the day? How often do you make time to do these?

Often it’s these small moments throughout the day that contribute to an overall positive feeling and sense of wellbeing. Whether you have 2 minutes, or 2 hours – commit to doing something for yourself that lights you up as often as you can – or turn to your very own self-care menu for inspiration.

We’ve listed a few ideas that we turn to when we’re in need of a little mood-boosting.
We hope it inspires to mentally create your own go-to self-care menu when you’re in need of a pick-me-up, or as a way of adding moments of bliss to your everyday life.


Put your feet up. Turn your favourite playlist on, pour yourself a cup of tea and put your feet up. Better yet – do all three while you lay back in an indulgent warm bath. How often do you take a moment to just simply ‘be?’ Take a moment to sit, unwind and reflect. Taking time out to refocus and recharge is a simple, inexpensive way to put yourself first, even if just for a short while.

Take a walk. Never underestimate what fresh air and movement can do for the mind and body. Feeling stuck or in a bit of a funk? Hit the pavement, beach, park – whatever – to clear your mind and hit reset.

Book a massage. Beyond pure enjoyment, massages can do wonders for our mental health and wellbeing. Book in an hour with one of our skilled massage therapists to ease away aches, pains and stress – and take you to a whole other level of relaxation and bliss. Discover our range of Bliss Me Relaxation Massages, Rock Me Hot Stone Massages, Deep Tissues Massages & Pregnancy massage here.

Make time for a clear out. Choose a room or space to tackle. Spend some time clearing out the ‘old’ and decluttering the surroundings. A clear space = a clear mind and can make time spent in that space more enjoyable and relaxing! Reap the rewards of an enjoyable space to be in too.

Cook yourself a delicious meal. Why is it that when we’re cooking for ‘one’ (aka ourselves) we don’t tend to go to as much of an effort? Take some time to create a delicious meal using your favourite ingredients and impress yourself.

Book in a spa day with your nearest and dearest. Time spent with our closest friends or family always serves as a mood-booster. Make it more of a luxurious experience by booking in to the day spa to enjoy relaxing together. Wether it’s mani-pedis, a relaxing massage or a facial that delivers results and relaxation – it’s sure to do the trick. Discover our social spa-ing packages here.

Step up your evening skincare routine. Make your skin a priority by adding in a luxurious evening skin routine before you drift off to sleep. Add in an extra step or two into your routine to give your skin a little extra TLC and enjoy the glowing rewards the next day. Try adding in a treatment product like a Serum, concentrate or cream to up-the-ante. Discover our range of products on offer here, or pop in to our day spas to let our experts assess your skin.

Treat your locks. Take an extra minute or two to treat your locks to a nourishing hair or scalp treatment during your next hair wash. There’s nothing like the feeling of clean and shiny hair that makes us feel on top of the world.

Enjoy an afternoon siesta. What beats a lazy Sunday? A lazy Sunday with an afternoon siesta! Light a candle to set the mood, read a few pages of your favourite book, then take some time in the afternoon to enjoy the luxury of an afternoon nap.

Book in a date night. It’s always great to have something to look forward to. Whether it’s drinks with the girls, a brunch with your family, or dinner with your significant other – there’s something about having an event to look forward to, taking the time to get dressed up and enjoying great company.


So what are your favourite things to do that instantly improve your day? Ticking off a couple of these each week is one way to give back to you.

Note that this doesn’t only apply to #selfcaresunday – bonus points if you can tick one thing off everyday from your own menu.

Love, the team at Forme xx


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