Roasted Hazelnut Milk Recipe – by Olivia Scott

This hazelnut milk has a beautifully smooth texture, perfect for hot chocolates and turmeric lattes. It lasts really well, and has such a unique flavour. Almost an earthy but sharp flavour with a creamy consistency.

You can soak your hazelnuts ahead of time – I try and do this if time allows – or you may slightly roast the hazelnuts for an intensified, sharper flavour.

I make my nut mylk in my 2L blender  jug – if your jug is smaller, adjust nut quantity i.e. if your just is 1L, use half the nut amount.

The ingredient that is key to my nut mylk is the lecithin, which makes it creamy and stops from separating. If you cannot source lecithin, don’t worry – it will still be great (it will separate so will need a stir).


2 cups hazelnuts

1 tsp vanilla bean powder

1/2 tsp himalayan sea salt

3 drops stevia

1 tsp sunflower lecithin

Filtered water to the top level of the jug (about 1.8L)


Blend all ingredients on high speed for 2 minutes in your jug. Be careful jug doesn’t overflow – keep an eye on it or hold down the lid.

When finished blending, pour into cheesecloth or nut mylk bag. Squeeze out mylk and place pulp aside. Pour mylk into storage jars of bottles and store in fridge immediately, making sure it is airtight.

Olivia Scott

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