How to sleep better.

Sleep is so important for optimal wellbeing and vitality. It affects our energy, our mood, our appetite, our emotions and how we show up the next day.

At Forme Spa, we’re all about take time for yourself and making sure you give back to you. Sleep is such a crucial element to get right. We’ve listed a few tips and tricks to optimise your sleep in order to feel your absolute best.

  1. Schedule in wind-down time.

After a busy day with appointments, meetings, to-do lists, errands and the rest – a great way to set yourself up for a good night’s sleep is to make sure you allow for time beforehand to gently wind down. What relaxes you? This is the time to slow down and shift your state into gentler territory. Do you like to take a warm bath? Do you have a relaxing skincare routine? Do you enjoy listening to music? Do you enjoy reading? Find what works for you and set some time aside to help shift you into relax mode.

  1. Consider your environment

Elements that make up your sleeping environment can positively or negatively influence your quality of sleep. What’s the temperature like? Is it cool enough, or is too warm? Is your bed comfortable? Is your pillow right for you, or do you wake with a stiff neck? Is your room dark enough, or is it lit by all your flashing tech devices while you attempt to sleep? Take all of these elements into consideration and make adjustments if you can to get your sleeping environment in tip top shape.

  1. Cell phones and blue light

If there’s something that’s going to keep you on high alert (while you’re meant to be sleeping deeply) it’s the constant beeping, flashing, vibrating and bright light from your cell phone. Do yourself a favour, switch your phone to ‘night mode’ from 6pm onwards (goodbye blue light.) Try to put your phone away an hour before you plan to sleep. Lastly, switch it onto ‘flight mode’ and ‘do not disturb’ to avoid a pesky notification in the middle of the night.

  1. Avoid caffeine 8 hours before you plan to sleep

If you have trouble drifting off to sleep and find yourself thinking about your to-do list and upcoming plans, take a look at your caffeine intake and timing. If you can refrain from having any caffeine in your system for 8 hours before sleeping – that’s ideal. Think beyond coffee too – green tea, black tea and dark chocolate also contain caffeine and can keep you stimulated when you want to be winding down. Opt for an evening herbal tea, rather than a caffeinated alternative.

  1. Take your mind off it

Can’t get something off your mind? So much so that it’s keeping you up at night? Focus on something else before you hit the pillow. Try listening to an interesting podcast, or reading a book to turn your attention to something completely different and to switch up your thoughts. If you’re up for it, meditation can be hugely beneficial too for processing your thoughts and headspace.


Get your beauty sleep! Even if you’ve experienced a stressful day, or things just don’t seem to be going your way – it’s amazing how rejuvenating a good nights rest can be for both your mind and body.

Looking for a few treatment products to add into your wind-down routine? We’re rounding out this blog with our top three dream time essentials:

  • Beauty Sleep Skincare Package by Synergie – A value pack that will work the cosmeceutical night shift and give your skin the break it deserves. Enclosed in a deluxe cosmetic bag is the ultimate anti-ageing trio including award-winning Vitamin B serum. To top it all off, an ultra-soft headband has been added to really bring the spa experience into your home.
  • Sleepwear by Bioelements – A scientific moisturising complex with calcium and retinol to smooth and firm. With nightly use, Sleepwear smoothes out lines and wrinkles, helps rebuild firming collagen and elastin and helps strengthen skin’s protective barrier layer
  • Active Night Fluid by Babor – Energized anti-aging as you sleep. An active concentrate in an ampoule form to boost cell metabolism during the deep-sleep phase.


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