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Enjoy free shipping on orders over $99*

Your most hydrated skin starts here ꟾ shop endota Organics

Your most hydrated skin starts here ꟾ shop endota Organics

Enjoy free shipping on orders over $99*

Enjoy free shipping on orders over $99*

Your most hydrated skin starts here ꟾ shop endota Organics

Your most hydrated skin starts here ꟾ shop endota Organics

why it’s worthwhile setting up a wellness space

Chances are you’re already aware of the benefits of making space in your schedule for wellness. Of allocating time in and amongst the busyness of everyday life to connect with yourself, relax, unwind and engage in practices that promote your holistic wellness. Making this space is a vital step to achieving and maintaining whole body health and wellness – but it’s not just freeing up time in your diary that’s so important.

Setting up a physical space for wellness is the ideal way to bring some extra calm and serenity to your everyday environment. It can serve as a sanctuary for you to switch off from the outside world – enriched with elements that reflect your own, unique wellbeing journey and personality.

Shaping your own wellness space connects you with your own sense of self on an altogether deeper level. It means you’re making room in your world to not only consider the sorts of wellness practices that leave you feeling your best – but that you’re better-equipped than ever to engage with your wellbeing too.

Here’s some guidance around how you might like to set up your own wellness space.

first things first – what is a wellness space?

A wellness space is any physical environment that’s been purposefully-shaped to inspire a greater sense of calm, connection and wellbeing. It might be an entire room, or simply a portion of a space, that you allocate entirely to the activities that help you to unwind, relax and connect with yourself. 

While many corporate workplaces allocate specific areas of their offices for wellness, the art of shaping a specialised sanctuary for wellness at home is becoming increasingly common too. 

More and more of us are finding unique ways to engage with our wellbeing through our physical environment. As such, no two wellness spaces need to be identical – as they should all be enriched by equipment and design cues that speak to an individual’s sense of wellbeing. From the aesthetic of the space, to the aromas that provide the most relaxing spirit of calm.

how do you set up a wellness space?

You might set up your own wellness space with a yoga mat, some light weights for floor pilates, or some of your favourite cushions for comfortable moments of meditation. In short, whichever practices offer you the greatest sense of wellbeing should be a part of your space.

Sound healing is another wellness practice that offers an abundance of benefits – clearing your mind and helping you lighten your load. You’ll find plenty of classes for each of these practices on endota Retreat. It’s easier to engage with them in meaningful ways from the sanctuary of your own dedicated wellness space. If you’re doing so, it’s a good idea to include a good-quality speaker, or space for your device to stream an online flow, meditation or soundscape.

A wellness space offers more than just room for physical activity, though. You can embrace the space for downtime with a good book, mindful journaling, colouring or drawing, or simply taking time out of your day with your favourite cup of tea. To aid in this tranquillity, many of us call upon ceramic mood lamps and essential oils and candles – to treat our senses to a more holistic sense of calm and wellbeing.

In short, your space should reflect your individual sense of wellness.

our top tips for setting up your wellness space

what are the benefits of having your own wellness space?

It takes more than your body to achieve holistic wellbeing. It’s also realised through a clearer state of mind and a stronger sense of self. Taking the time to set up your own wellness space makes it easier for you to turn off from the noise and energy of the outside world. It means that when you’re stepping into your wellness space, you’re stepping out of the stress and distraction of everyday life.

Not only this, your own space provides you with the opportunity to explore your individual blend for holistic wellbeing. You’ll be free to try different yoga practices, find solace through sound healing or progress your pilates skills – and enjoy the calming benefits that come with that. Along the way, you can discover which essential oils and aromas connect with you on a deeper, more meaningful level, or which type of light enriches you the most.

Once you’ve set aside this space for wellbeing and made it truly unique to your own journey, you’ll be more prepared than ever to step away from the busyness of your day – and into a space that leaves you feeling calmer, stronger and more connected to your mind and body.

While you consider how you’ll bring your wellness space to life, take a moment to find out more about the plant-powered benefits of essential oils and how to use them, and you might just find the right blend to enhance your space too.

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