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Scrub Up Brilliantly
Scrub Up Brilliantly

June 2020

Exfoliating is an important skincare step. Here’s why, and how to do it anytime.

Age Matters

As we get older, our skin behaves differently and its requirements change. This is especially true for exfoliation. “No matter what age you are, the skin exfoliates and turns over in a cycle,” says Helen. “When you’re young, it takes around 30 days and, as you start to mature, it increases - so at 40 it takes 40 days, [and at] 50 it takes 50 days for the cell life to turn over.” Tailored and targeted exfoliation helps encourage that natural process, removes dulling dead cell build-up and stimulates healthy cell renewal at every stage. The result? A fresher, more radiant looking complexion.

Once a day

If you’re in the 20- to 30-year old age bracket, or simply can’t pass up that squeaky clean feeling a daily scrub imparts, consider the Daily Renewal Exfoliant. “From our Organics range, it contains rosehip oil, amla berry and bamboo,” advises Helen. “It’s a manual exfoliation - very gentle- and can be used after cleansing.” The jojoba and bamboo beads help remove impurities as vitamin-packed extras, including amla berry powder, help fight premature ageing. “It’s great on young skin, and just as a daily exfoliant [to] continually remove that dead cell build-up,” she says. Simply massage the creamy formula over a damp face using gentle circular motions before rinsing thoroughly.

Once a week

Amp up your exfoliation game, a two-step weekly treatment will work to deliver a professional finish. For more mature skins, those prone to dryness, or if you want to perform results-driven facials at home, invest in the New Age Two Step Micro Polish and Peel. “This is a thermal exfoliation, so it heats up on the skin,” says Helen. “It has two steps: the first one has a granular base and it [includes] lactic acid. This helps to dissolve the intercellular ‘glue’ that’s holding the cells together, and it hydrates at the same time.

Two-Step Micro Polish Peel

Step one also boasts retinyl palmitate - a vitamin A derivative that works to stimulate collagen and can boost cell turnover at a deeper lever. After a minute or two, add step two, which is rich in skin-plumping peptides and aloe vera, to soothe and calm.

This is a deeper exfoliation, and I would recommend that you do this once a week when you’re doing a mini facial at home,” Helen concludes.

In the daytime

Aside from peels and scrubs, an active serum can assist in exfoliation on the go. Smoothed under your regular moisturiser, it’s an easy way to boost brightness and encourage healthy cell turnover. Helen recommends the New Age Potent Brightening Serum 
to clarify and replenish, especially if visible pigmentation or dark spots are an issue for you. “This is one of our clinical products and is amazing for reducing pigmentation,” she advises. “It contains Brightenyl, which holds 4 times the potency of Vitamin C - after continual use, you can see a fading of pigmentation, which leads to a more even texture.” She continues, “If you’ve been out in the sun during summer, even with good sunblock, and you see that the skin is slightly pigmented, this is the serum to use daily.

“No matter what age you are, the skin exfoliates and turns over in a cycle. When you’re young, it takes around 30 days and, as you start to mature, it increases - so at 40 it takes 40 days, [and at] 50 it takes 50 days for the cell life to turn over."


Helen Robb-Lacey,

endota Wellness College CEO.



Love the results of retinol? Us, too. Consider our New Age Age-Defying Retinol Serum as your nightly go-to. “As we know, retinol stimulates cellular turnover at a deeper level,” Helen explains. “As you are maturing into your 40s and 50s, the skin can look sluggish because the cell turnover is slow. Introducing retinol in winter when the sun’s not too strong, and using a sunblock in the day, is really great to get that youthful glow back.” Apply a pea-sized amount underneath your night cream and sleep your way smoother. Thanks to this gentle formula, you can also apply it in the morning – just be sure to top with our New Age 50+ Sunscreen.



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