10 sustainable swaps you can make at home

Sustainability has always been a guiding principle in what we do. From packaging to sourcing raw materials, we’re big believers in building our brand consciously, and we know this is incredibly important to our community, too.

But outside of what we do professionally, sustainability is a value that extends into our homes and personal lives as well. Often, in this context, it’s less about complicated or monumental changes but small swaps that make a big difference – especially if we’re all making the effort to implement them.

So we’ve compiled some simple but effective conscious swaps to try at home.

Turn candles into brush holders
Burnt through another candle? Instead of throwing out or recycling the empty vessel, repurpose it into a holder for makeup brushes, flowers, stationery or other trinkets. Remove as much wax as you can manually, then dissolve the rest with boiling water and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Reimagine your empty beauty packaging
Similarly, hold onto empty beauty packaging and use it to keep small, easily lost items like earrings or necklaces safe. Our endota Organics tubs have a screw-top lid that is perfect for this. They’re also great when you travel, to safely store jewellery, vitamins, contact lenses and more.

Don’t throw away old t-shirts…
If you’re holding onto ripped or worn textiles that can’t be donated, cut them up and reuse them as cleaning rags instead. It will save on landfill and reduces the need for throwaway items like dishcloths and paper towels.

Make the switch to refillable beauty
Refillable beauty is an amazing way to significantly reduce packaging waste while also minimising freight-related carbon emissions. That’s why our Clean by endota range is available in a 500ml refill pouch format. Not only does this reduce plastic usage by 60 per cent, it infinitely extends the life of your initial Clean by endota bottle, too.

The Clean by endota body lotion range.

Sustainable kitchen swaps
If you’re still using plastic wrap and aluminium foil in the kitchen, now’s the time to buy reusable wraps and containers. Not only are you cutting back on a huge amount of garbage, but your fruit, vegetables and other perishable items will remain fresher for longer. That’s a win-win situation!

Ditch plastic bags
If you’re guilty of purchasing a new ‘reusable’ bag every time you step into the grocery store, make it your mission to ditch that habit. Keep a stack of linen, canvas or netted bags in the boot of the car so you’re never caught out. Follow a similar principle when buying produce or loose items like nuts and legumes – paper bags or reusable options are a smart swap.

Buy a lunch box
Save on waste and money by packing your work lunch in a reusable container. A simple method is to double up when cooking dinner and take any leftovers with you to the office the next day. In the long run, it will see you actually use what’s in the fridge, saving both money and the extensive packaging that comes with takeaway options. Plus, more often than not a home-cooked meal is much more nourishing.

Fragrance your home with essential oils
Incorporating calming fragrance into your home is a simple but significant way to promote a sense of calm, but aerosol misters are tricky to recycle (not to mention often filled with questionable ingredients). Instead, try diffusing essential oils into the air. Our ‘Calm’ essential oil blend has notes of ylang-ylang, bergamot and lavender specifically formulated to soothe your nervous system and quiet the mind after a busy day. Add a few drops to the endota Essential Oil Diffuser or Burner and enjoy the peaceful feeling.

Try loose-leaf tea
It goes without saying we’re big fans of a warming cup of herbal tea, but the truth is that endless cuppas amount to quite a significant amount of waste in the form of used teabags. When at home, try using loose-leaf tea and a strainer. Not only is it a lovely ritual, but it’s much kinder on the environment.

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